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About "You're the Chef"

"You're the Chef" not only whets your appetite, it satisfies your culinary cravings by making cooking an educational and fun activity for the experienced home chef and the novice cook! Using the resources of Pennsylvania College of Technology's acclaimed School of Business & Hospitality and Le Jeune Chef Restaurant, "You're the Chef" features practical culinary tips and advice while showcasing the preparation and production of tasty food dishes.

Chef Paul Mach, an assistant professor of hospitality management and culinary arts at Penn College, and Tom Speicher, writer/video editor in Penn College's office of Public Relations & Marketing, are hosts of "You're the Chef". Episodes continue to air on public broadcasting stations.

History of the Show
September 1996
"You're the Chef" premiered on local cable in Williamsport, PA. In just two years, the program aired in about 3 million homes through local cable systems in Pennsylvania, New York, Colorado, California, and Georgia.

Fall 1998
Attracted by the format and content of the series, WVIA-TV, northeastern Pennsylvania's PBS member station, helped transform "You're the Chef" into a series seen exclusively on public television.

Spring 1999
"You're the Chef" broadcast in four Pennsylvania markets and seen in areas of New Jersey and Delaware.

Third Season (2000-01)
"You're the Chef" entered new markets in Ohio and New York. Beginning in February 2001, national distribution through National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) began. In its first round of national distribution, "You're the Chef" covered over 30 % of all U.S. television households as the series found its way into 34 markets, including top markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

Fourth Season (2001-02)
In late Fall 2001, NETA began distributing "You're the Chef" nationwide. The new season caught on with many affiliates across the country. By April, "You're the Chef" aired on 83 stations covering over 40 % of the nation's television households.

Fifth Season (2002-03)
"You're the Chef" found its way to nearly 50 % of the country. In the spring of 2003, "You're the Chef" reached a new milestone with the addition of its first international outlet. An educational satellite station in Japan dubbed the series in Japanese and began sharing the series throughout the island nation. The fifth season also brought "You're the Chef's" second consecutive Mid-Atlantic Emmy nomination.

Sixth Season (2003-04)
"You're the Chef" entered new markets and earned its first Crystal Award in the Communicator competition. The "You're the Chef" Web site earned a 2003 Standard of Excellence WebAward.

Seventh Season (2004-05)
"You're the Chef" reached new heights. While still featuring family-friendly practical recipes made with readily available ingredients, a change in music and graphics and the addition of on-location footage gave the series a fresh feel. The infusion of "the heartland of Pennsylvania" theme also invigorated the series. The season's premiere episode captured the series' second Crystal Award.

"You're the Chef" has been honored for excellence with: 2 Emmy Nominations; 2 Telly Awards; Gold and Silver Paragon Awards; Silver and Merit Awards from Admissions Marketing Report Publications; and 2 Crystal Awards of Excellence, the highest honor from the Communicator Awards. The "You're the Chef" website has been honored with a Standard of Excellence WebAward.

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