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"You're the Chef" Cooking Keys
Each episode of "You're the Chef" features an informative "Cooking Key" segment, where students from Penn College's School of Business & Hospitality provide quick and easy cooking tips related to the episode's topic. Now you can view all of the Cooking Keys at your convenience. (Just so you know, Tom's Cooking Key on how to apply a tomato to a grilled cheese sandwich was cut due to space limitations.)
Cooking Key hosts:
Christine Faherty

Christine Faherty,
Hospitality student

Rachel Hall

Rachel Hall,
Hospitality student

  Jennifer McHenry

Jennifer McHenry,
Hospitality student


Season 7 Cooking Keys:

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Still photo from Artichokes cooking key
Artichokes Windows Media movie     Artichokes QuickTime movie
Still photo from Tortillas cooking key
Tortillas Windows Media movie     Tortillas QuickTime movie
Still photo from Roasting Garlic cooking key
Roasting Garlic
Roasting Garlic Windows Media movie     Roasting Garlic QuickTime movie
Still photo from Blanching Vegetables cooking key
Blanching Vegetables
Blanching Vegetables Windows Media movie     Blanching Vegetables QuickTime movie
Still photo from Mushrooms cooking key
Mushrooms Windows Media movie     Mushrooms QuickTime movie
Still photo from Shrimp cooking key
Shrimp Windows Media movie     Shrimp QuickTime movie
Still photo from Bechamel cooking key
Bechamel Windows Media movie     Bechamel QuickTime movie
Still photo from Filleting Fish cooking key
Filleting Fish
Filleting Fish Windows Media movie     Filleting Fish QuickTime movie
Still photo from Lamb cooking key
Lamb Windows Media movie     Lamb QuickTime movie
Still photo from Crab cooking key
Crab Windows Media movie     Crab QuickTime movie
Still photo from Soft Italian Cheeses cooking key
Soft Italian Cheeses
Soft Italian Cheeses Windows Media movie     Soft Italian Cheeses QuickTime movie
Still photo from Yeast cooking key
Yeast Windows Media movie     Yeast QuickTime movie
Still photo from Dried Beans cooking key
Dried Beans
Dried Beans Windows Media movie     Dried Beans QuickTime movie
Still photo from Pepper cooking key
Pepper Windows Media movie     Pepper QuickTime movie

Past Cooking Keys:
Blue Cheese Blue Cheese Windows Media movie  Blue Cheese QuickTime movie Knife Blades Knife Blades Windows Media movie  Knife Blades QuickTime movie
Breading Foods Breading Foods Windows Media movie  Breading Foods QuickTime movie Legumes Legumes Windows Media movie  Legumes QuickTime movie
Brining Basics Brining Basics Windows Media movie  Brining Basics QuickTime movie Lentils Lentils Windows Media movie  Lentils QuickTime movie
Chicken Chicken Windows Media movie  Chicken QuickTime movie Omelets Omelets Windows Media movie  Omelets QuickTime movie
Chicken Stock Chicken Stock Windows Media movie  Chicken Stock QuickTime movie Marinating Meats Marinating Meats Windows Media movie  Marinating Meats QuickTime movie
Chocolate (season 3) Chocolate Windows Media movie  Chocolate QuickTime movie Miso Cooking Miso Cooking Windows Media movie  Miso Cooking QuickTime movie
Chocolate (season 6) Chocolate Windows Media movie  Chocolate QuickTime movie Pie Crust Piecrust Windows Media movie  Piecrust QuickTime movie
Clarified Butter Clarified Butter Windows Media movie  Clarified Butter QuickTime movie Quinoa & Millet Quinoa & Millet Windows Media movie  Quinoa & Millet QuickTime movie
Crabmeat Crabmeat Windows Media movie  Crabmeat QuickTime movie Reducing Stock Reducing Stock to a Glaze Windows Media movie  Reducing Stock to a Glaze QuickTime movie
Crêpes Crêpes Windows Media movie  Crêpes QuickTime movie Rice Rice Windows Media movie  Rice QuickTime movie
Duchesse Potatoes Duchesse Potatoes Windows Media movie  Duchesse Potatoes QuickTime movie Rice Pilaf Rice Pilaf Windows Media movie  Rice Pilaf QuickTime movie
Duck Confit Duck Confit Windows Media movie  Duck Confit QuickTime movie Roasting Meat Roasting Meat Windows Media movie  Roasting Meat QuickTime movie
Fresh Garlic Fresh Garlic Windows Media movie  Fresh Garlic QuickTime movie Sabayon Sabayon Windows Media movie  Sabayon QuickTime movie
Fresh Herbs Fresh Herbs Windows Media movie  Fresh Herbs QuickTime movie Shrimp Shrimp Windows Media movie  Shrimp QuickTime movie
Fresh Italian Cheese Fresh Italian Cheese Windows Media movie  Fresh Italian Cheese QuickTime movie Shrimp Shells Shrimp Shells Windows Media movie  Shrimp Shells QuickTime movie
French Knives French Knives Windows Media movie  French Knives QuickTime movie Sweet & Hot Peppers Sweet & Hot Peppers Windows Media movie  Sweet & Hot Peppers QuickTime movie
Fresh Pasta Fresh Pasta Windows Media movie  Fresh Pasta QuickTime movie Sweet Potatoes & Yams Sweet Potatoes & Yams Windows Media movie  Sweet Potatoes & Yams QuickTime movie
Fresh Shellfish Fresh Shellfish Windows Media movie  Fresh Shellfish QuickTime movie Tart Dough Tart Dough Windows Media movie  Tart Dough QuickTime movie
Fruit Coulis Fruit Coulis Windows Media movie  Fruit Coulis QuickTime movie Tomato Concassée Tomato Concassée Windows Media movie  Tomato Concassée QuickTime movie
Green Vegetables Green Vegetables Windows Media movie  Green Vegetables QuickTime movie Velouté Velouté Windows Media movie  Velouté QuickTime movie
Greens Greens Windows Media movie  Greens QuickTime movie Whipped Cream Whipped Cream Windows Media movie  Whipped Cream QuickTime movie

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