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We realize "You're the Chef" isn't the only food site on the Web; there are only millions of others. So that you don't have to search through all of them, here are some of our favorites.
(Chef Paul prohibited Tom from listing the Minnesota Vikings Cookbook.)

All Culinary Schools - This comprehensive list of U.S. culinary schools could be the first step for your career. But first, check out Penn College's School of Business & Hospitality!

Bake4me.com - As the name implies, this fun site is devoted to baking. Cookies for everyone!

Club Sauce - Experience the "wonderful world of sauces" on this fun site. Of course, Chef Paul has volunteered to personally taste all the sauces.

Epicurious Food - From recipes to practical kitchen tips, this site has it all. Despite the term "epicurious," this isn't a snobby site!

FoodFranchise.com - If you're thinking about restaurant franchise opportunities, this site can be a valuable first step.

Food Network - These people devote 24 hours a day to food. Imagine what their website is like!

Good Cooking - This is described as a "mouthwatering" site. Visit and savor.

Gourmet Connection Magazine - A smorgasbord of culinary information guaranteed to whet your appetite.

Gourmet Gear - You might not be able to cook like a pro but at least you can look like one.

Grocery Game - Thanks to this site, you can save time and money next time you go to the grocery store!

Hot Sauce Gifts & BBQ Sauce Catalog - Offers a wide variety of hot sauces, BBQ sauces, salsa and gifts for people whose taste buds appreciate a change from the ordinary. This site should be required viewing for Tom!

Local Harvest - Find sustainable food products close to home with this informative site.

PASA - The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture offers a wealth of information, especially for those thinking about sustainable farming.

Prepared Pantry - An excellent resource featuring products and procedures for food storage.

Recipe Book Online - You can share recipes with folks throughout the world with this informative site. The site has credibility because it refused to accept Tom's tomato soup recipe.

Recipe Collections - This site will link you to countless tasty Internet destinations. Browse and sample the goodies.

The Recipe Link - Index to over 20,000 food and cooking sites. Check them all out in your spare time.

VeggyArt - Penn College grad James Parker makes vegetable and fruit carving into a tasty art form!

Virtual Visits - Tour Napa Valley wineries. For wine lovers, it's a tour through heaven.

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