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Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup

Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup This recipe was featured on
"You're the Chef" episode #610.
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Yield: two quarts


1 1/2 lb. red bell peppers, roasted, skins and seeds removed
1/4 c. olive oil, virgin
3 c. Spanish onions, peeled, large dice
2 c. potatoes, peeled, rough chopped
2 tsp. fresh garlic, rough chopped
1 qt. chicken bouillon or water
to taste salt
to taste ground white pepper
as needed red sweet peppers, fine chopped
as needed sour cream

To prepare the peppers on a gas burner, hold the pepper over the flame using tongs or a kitchen fork. Turn the pepper and roast until the surface is evenly charred. The pepper should be almost completely black in color. Place the pepper in a plastic bag or in a glass bowl and cover with plastic wrap to loosen the skin. When the pepper is cool enough to handle, remove the charred skin.

This process also may be done over high heat on a grill, or at 500°F in an oven.

Sweat the onions in the oil until the onions are tender.

Add the potatoes, peppers, garlic and stock and simmer until the potatoes are tender.

Purée the soup and season.

Garnish with a swirl of sour cream and fresh chopped peppers, if desired.