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Behind the Scenes - Take 1

Christine prepping for the show Jennifer getting the chocolate ready Rachel, Christine, and Jennifer Students waiting for the next scene
Like a diva in the making, Christine commandeers the "You're the Chef" kitchen! Jennifer frantically searches for the most vital ingredient on her personal shopping list: chocolate. Rachel, Christine and Jennifer sparkle in front of the camera. When Rachel, Christine and Jennifer don't know the camera is on, their sparkle is somewhat dimmed.
Crew setting up for an outside taping Students discussing the upcoming episode Chef Paul & Tom in the herb garden WVIA crew hiding in the bushes
As this photo proves, "You're the Chef" is a well-organized, finely tuned operation! Rachel, Christine and Jennifer can't hide their excitement for another "You're the Chef" shoot. Tom's Minnesota Viking tie has met its match in Chef Paul's dreaded scissors. Like you, we have no idea why some of the crew from WVIA are hiding in the bushes.
Kathy calls take 2 Hosts in the herb garden Tom getting ready to throw a football Tom throwing a football
Fortunately, Kathy decides to employ two fingers in communicating with Chef Paul and Tom. The only time this herb garden sees a football is when the "You're the Chef" guys show up. Tom is one of the few men who can demonstrate his athletic prowess in an herb garden. Chef Paul is miffed that Tom would rather catch a football than listen to his latest culinary soliloquy.

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