Implement Quality through Assessment: the Penn College Plan and Process:

  • Facilitate administrative review process and produce final draft.
  • Initiate General Education subcommittee.
  • Identify academic-year assessment projects with timelines.
  • Develop and present information sessions for faculty and Student Affairs staff.
  • Gather results and publish report at year's end.
  • Gain basic familiarity with assessment software.

Continue work on self-study four standards:

  • Identify/Collect data for supporting each standard.
  • Collect potential appendices/exhibits for each standard.
  • Engage other self-study groups to accommodate intersecting topics (e.g., planning and resource allocation as affecting/affected by assessment).
  • Develop information to be shared during January 2011 faculty/staff sessions.
  • Develop recommendations.

Clarify/Codify Assessment, Research, & Planning Office-QTA Committee integration

Review NSSE 2010:

  • Review the report, with attention to significant changes from 2006 and 2008 versions and key strengths/weaknesses.
  • Prepare public website summary.

Continue identification of professional development activity:

  • Add Best Practices to website and portal.
  • Schedule Rubrics II and Rapid Response sessions .
  • Develop "how to" sessions for faculty/staff involved in assessment projects.
  • Gather/provide start-up packet to orient General Education Assessment subcommittee.
  • Identify external opportunities to gain assessment skills/knowledge.