To exemplify and promote the development of excellence, opportunity, and leadership while emphasizing advanced technical culinary skills, a commitment to professional guest service, innovation, planning, and critical thinking.


A graduate of this major should be able to:
  • evaluate and co-ordinate a broad range of advanced cuisine and production techniques that incorporate sensory analysis, multi-cultural interests, dietary, gustatory and visual considerations.
  • develop and appraise enhanced levels of craftsmanship in culinary specific specialty areas of butchery, charcuterie, modern food production trends and gastronomic expression. 
  • recognize, differentiate, and critique service philosophies that communicate to and identify sustainable food and beverage concepts to the customer target market expectations.
  • formulate an integrative approach to supervision that exemplifies professional hospitality ethics, business communication, legal parameters, leadership, cultural diversity and learning philosophies. 
  • analyze, evaluate and construct a hospitality operations plan employing effective problem-solving techniques and creative and critical thinking while employing professional communication and assessing the factors involved in setting up and directing a food service establishment
  • develop the construct of physical plant and structural systems for a sustainable hospitality operation by integrating current and evolving technologies and planning strategies for effective, efficient operation and safe maintenance.

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