The Pennsylvania College of Technology Occupational Therapy Assistant Program would like to express our appreciation for your services to our students. The fieldwork component of our program is invaluable and we recognize the time and effort required to supervise a student. Below, please find forms related to both Level I and Level II Fieldwork. Information found under Additional Resources contains material that has been compiled to assist you in your development as a clinical educator. This is related to program and skill development and includes information on trainings and conferences as well as articles and other tools.


Additional Resources - Clinical Educator skill improvement: trainings, conferences, tools

  • Self- Assessment Tool For Fieldwork Educator Competency (AOTA)
    • This survey tool will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a clinical educator for both Level I and Level II Fieldwork experiences. No one expects the beginning fieldwork student to demonstrate entry level competency, nor can the new fieldwork supervisor be expected to know everything right away. This form is helpful not only for the new fieldwork educator, but can also assist “seasoned” educators to identify areas for continued professional development. The tool provides guidance in specific areas.
  • The Preceptor Education Program (PEP)
    • This is a free online program for health professionals and students developed by the University of Western Ontario. Once you complete the short registration process and instantly receive your login information, you can access the PEP program anytime, anywhere. Each module takes about 30 minutes to complete and is full of quick tips and downloadable learning activities and tools. It is easy to navigate, colorful, fun to use, and many of the modules are designed so that FW Educators and students can work through them together. A certificate can be printed at the end of the module to record the education completed.
  • AOTA - Two Day Fieldwork Educator Certificate Program (FWECP)
    • AOTA Members: $225
    • Nonmembers: $359
    • Designed specifically for fieldwork educators and academic fieldwork coordinators, this unique 2-day training is held in convenient workshops throughout the country. Participants earn 15 contact hours of continuing education credits.
  • AOTA’S Fieldwork Experience Assessment Tool (FEAT)
    • This is a great resource to help promote discussion, reflection, and problem solving. It can be used at any time during the fieldwork process and assists both the student and clinical educators in enhancement of the fieldwork experience.
  • Fieldwork Quick Reference Checklist
    • This is a quick checklist for the clinical educator to use a guide through the fieldwork process, from beginning to end.
  • Sample Weekly Feedback Form
    • This is a short, quick form to assist you in providing feedback to your students.
  • Challenging Fieldwork Situations
    • This form provides instruction for handling problematic behaviors and students at risk.
  • Recommended Articles:
    • Gaffney, D. (2004). Before you fail a student. In D. Costa (Ed.). The essential guide to occupational therapy fieldwork education: Resources for today’s educators and practitioners, (. 208). Bethesda: AOTA Press.
    • McCreedy, P. & Miller, P. The marginal student: proactive preparation and problem solving in fieldwork. In D. Costa (ED.). The essential guide to occupational therapy fieldwork educator: resources for today’s educators and practitioner (p. 201-205). Bethesda: AOTA Press.
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