Host Bios

Chef Paul cooking up flames

Chef Paul (right) and Tom (left) actually look better here than they do in person.

Chef Paul Mach, C.C.E., C.C.C.

Paul E. Mach

Chef Paul Mach is a chef and plays one on TV. Chef Paul (yes, he makes Tom refer to him as "Chef") is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and has over 25 years experience as a chef in a variety of educational institutions and industry establishments. Chef Paul is an assistant professor at Penn College's School of Business & Hospitality. Chef Paul also has been active outside the classroom, serving as president of the West Branch Chapter of the American Culinary Federation, participating as a judge at the New York Wine and Food Experience, and taking Penn College culinary students to the Kentucky Derby to cook for thousands of spectators. Chef Paul continues to make presentations at numerous educator conferences and regional wine festivals. His dedication to his students and the culinary field has been honored by Penn College. Chef Paul is one of a select number of faculty members to receive Penn College's highest academic recognition: the Master Teacher Award. The honor was richly deserved even though Chef Paul refuses to taste yellow mustard.

Tom Speicher, B.A., M.A., N.F.L.

Tom Speicher

Tom Speicher is not a chef, but he plays one on TV. Actually, Tom represents every viewer who has ever watched a cooking show and felt lost. On "You're the Chef," Tom helps all viewers find their way as he "assists" Chef Paul with the cooking process and "quizzes" him with culinary questions. Tom holds a master's degree in communications studies and is Penn College's Broadcast Productions Coordinator. In addition to "You're the Chef" honors (2 Tellys, 2 Emmy nominations, 2 Communicator Awards and Gold & Silver Paragon Awards), Tom has earned several awards, including four Tellys, for hosting/producing "Penn College & You," a public affairs television series aired via local cable & satellite throughout the country. He's also won awards for feature writing. Speaking of writing, upon request, Tom does make available his "stimulating" master's thesis: "Overcoming Situational Constraints through Healthy Communication: Implicit Rhetorical Theory in the Television Series Tour of Duty." Yawn.

Chef Paul Question Tom
Buffalo, NY Hometown Camp Hill, PA
married with two sons Family married with a young daughter and animals
likes almost everything Favorite Food pizza with half the cheese
yellow mustard Least Favorite Food fish sauce (Yes, Chef Paul made him try it twice!)
"Anything that makes people's eyes bug out because they know it's good before they taste it." Favorite Dish to Cook "Grilled cheese which, coincidentally, makes people's eyes bug out after they taste it."
John Folse & Don Barickman Favorite Chef Chef Boyardee & Chef Paul
New York State Chardonnay Favorite Wine "Do I have to eat that?"
Buffalo Bills (0-4 in the Super Bowl) Favorite Sports Team Minnesota Vikings (0-4 in the Super Bowl)
Star Trek Favorite All-Time TV Show NYPD Blue
Beatles Favorite Band Journey
Journey Most Embarrassing Concert Barry Manilow
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Favorite Movie Aliens
Mr. Spock (this explains a lot about Chef Paul!) Hero Walter Mondale (Tom still wants a recount from 1984!)
Gardening (Years ago, Chef Paul actually won a gardening contest. But don't be too impressed; he only won $20!) Hobby Following the hard-luck Minnesota Vikings and constantly worrying about their next game.