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Season Seven

# 703 "Breakfast Bonanza"

A trip to the farm produces lots of fresh ingredients and a traumatized Tom, who—following Chef Paul’s instructions—“borrows” a few eggs from some unsuspecting chickens. Fortunately, Chef Paul manages to calm his cohort by making Poached Egg and Green Nest on Pan-Seared Hash along with an Omelet and Frittata. But Tom has never felt so guilty about breakfast.

Cooking Key Focus: Roasting Garlic

# 705 "Football Food"

What the food dictionary refers to as appetizers, Chef Paul and Tom label “football food:” Seafood Potato ‘Football’ Crisps and Eddie’s Crabmeat-Stuffed Mushrooms. Granted, both dishes are worthy of a touchdown celebration, but since their favorite teams (the Bills and the Vikings) are a combined 0-8 in the Super Bowl, the duo should consider a new moniker for their creations.

Cooking Key Focus: Mushrooms

# 712 "Bread Baking"

Tom shows unrivaled faith in Chef Paul by unplugging his bread machine and allowing the master teacher to reveal the best way to make bread. Chef Paul rewards such resolve by crafting Lean Italian Bread, Braided Rich Egg Bread and Sausage and Cheese Bread. Tom’s only complaint? The lack of preservatives will force him to make bread again real soon.

Cooking Key Focus: Yeast

# 713 "Country Cookin’"

Proving he’s not a master teacher for nothing, Chef Paul shows why he won that presitigous recognition by teaching Tom’s naïve taste buds a valuable lesson: Beans can be flavorful. Chef Paul makes his case with Pork and Greens, Chef Paul’s Country Turkey Chili and Black-eyed Peas. Tom is just thankful the lesson didn’t include a PowerPoint presentation.

Cooking Key Focus: Dried Beans

# 714 "Cajun Cuisine"

Even though one is from upstate New York and the other from southeast Pennsylvania, Chef Paul and Tom show they learned a lot during their trip to New Orleans by making a tasty Gumbo Fruits de Mer and an amazing dessert, Bananas Foster. However, their friendship is strained when Tom discovers that Chef Paul received many more beads than he did.

Cooking Key Focus: Pepper