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Season One

# 102 "Simple Seafood Meal"

Tom’s idea of a simple seafood meal is ordering one at a seafood restaurant. Chef Paul’s idea is a little more adventurous and less expensive! Chef Paul shows how easy it is to produce a seafood restaurant-quality dish with Haddock a la Française.

# 103 "Cooking with Fresh Pasta"

Initially, Tom wanted Chef Paul to cook some spaghetti and store-bought sauce. He thought, "Finally a show that matches my taste!" However, Chef Paul produces a pleasant surprise for Tom and all viewers as he showcases two unforgettable delights: Fettuccine Alfredo (Carbonara) and Pasta Primavera

# 104 "Beef Lover's Bonanza"

Rumor has it that Tom’s vegetarian wife still hasn’t left him back in their home since this episode was produced. She has every reason because Chef Paul and his willing accomplice highlight how a less expensive cut of meat can be transformed into tasty Beef Stroganoff

# 105 "Decadent Dessert"

Chef Paul gets a workout in this episode as he creates a delectable dessert: Almond Lace Cookie Crisp with Chocolate Mousse. Throughout the episode, Chef Paul runs back and forth between the oven, the range-top and a mixer. Oh yeah, Tom helps by stirring some melted chocolate.

# 106 "Derby Food"

Every year Chef Paul takes Penn College School of Hospitality students to cook at the Kentucky Derby. Every year Chef Paul fails to invite Tom. However, Chef Paul shows all how to make Derby dishes Trackside Marinated Asparagus and Sautéed Chicken Breast Matthew. Tom still doesn’t get to go to the Derby, but the identity of Matthew is revealed.

# 107 "Creole Cooking"

Even though he looks more like a rustic, self-sufficient Cajun, Chef Paul shows off his Creole cooking skills with Hushpuppies and Blackened Fish. Tom’s frantic search for water after tasting the Blackened Fish is an emotional, gut-wrenching Emmy moment.

# 108 "Classic French Cooking"

The only "French-related" food that Tom likes is a French fry. Needless to say, that does not impress Chef Paul. However, Chef Paul will open Tom’s eyes and impress all with Pork Normande and Four-Peppercorn Pork with Four-Fruit Chutney. Tom enjoyed the dishes so much that he’s been heard requesting a "side order of chutney" in area fast food restaurants.

# 109 "Classic French Dessert"

Following Tom’s initial exposure to French cuisine, Chef Paul helps him become a gourmet by preparing Flambéed Fresh Fruit with Pastry Cream-Filled Crêpes. Chef Paul’s form of assistance really doesn’t pay off for Tom; he’s still missing a few eyebrows after learning to flambé.

# 110 "Sensational Salads"

For Tom, a sensational salad consists of tossed greens and orange French dressing. Fortunately for public television viewers, Chef Paul has a grander plan. Specifically, Chef Paul makes two diverse dishes: Salad Niçoise and Cooked Pork & Couscous Salad.

# 111 "Snappy Shrimp Appetizers"

The only thing that snaps is Tom’s composure when he realizes that shrimp actually have heads. Chef Paul keeps his head on straight to make two easy appetizers: Scampi Pescatore (Shrimp Fisherman’s Style) and Shrimp Cocktail. Afterward, Paul realizes that Tom should probably take one of his cooking classes.

# 112 "Cajun Cooking"

Chef Paul feels right at home by making his sumptuous one pot meal: Chicken & Shrimp Jambalaya. Finally, Chef Paul really puts Tom to work by having him stir in all the diverse ingredients. Tom doesn’t understand why Chef Paul has him do most of the work until he looks down and sees his stained shirt.

# 113 "Soups from the Pot"

Tom conducts the show under protest because Chef Paul bans cans of soup and can openers from the set. Alas, Tom’s protest is to no avail as Chef Paul easily makes some Cream of Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup. Despite his initial reluctance, Tom likes the soup, even without saltines.