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Season Two

# 201 "Barbecue Blast"

Chef Paul Mach considers barbecuing cooking novice Tom Speicher when Tom tries to sneak frozen veggie burgers onto the grill. Chef Paul eventually excuses Tom’s misdeed and commandeers the grill to showcase Barbecued Beef & Pork with House-Made Sauce.

# 202 "Ravioli Roundup"

Chef Paul’s ravioli are so big that Tom (whose previous ravioli experiences always involved a can opener) is tempted to contact the Guinness Book of Records. At any size, Chef Paul’s Fried Ravioli with Fresh Tomato Sauce recipe offers a record-breaking taste.

# 204 "Sleep-In Strudels"

Fortunately, Chef Paul doesn’t sleep in for this episode. He shows up in time to demonstrate how easy it is to spruce up breakfast or brunch with a Variety of Breakfast Strudels. Tom is so impressed with the recipe that he waits until the show ends to consume some Rice Krispies Treats®.

# 205 "Mushroom Mania"

Prior to this show, a pizza topping was the height of Tom’s exposure to mushrooms. During the episode, Tom is so overwhelmed by mushrooms as Chef Paul creates Six Mushroom Ragout with Polenta, that he decides to eat his polenta plain.

# 206 "Sea of Scallops"

Tom usually orders chicken in a seafood restaurant, so he wasn’t too excited about this seafood-oriented episode. But Chef Paul throws him a lifejacket in the form of Seared Sea Scallops With Olive Tomato Tapenade & Wilted Greens Salad. He doesn’t know what a tapenade is, but Tom encourages everyone to try Chef Paul’s sensational seafood specialty.

# 207 "Chef Paul’s Italian Specials"

If he ever tires of teaching, Chef Paul could open his own boardwalk food stand at the seashore, as he proves in this episode by making a variety of quick and easy Strombolis & Calzones. Tom actually took the leftovers home. What greater compliment could a chef receive?

# 208 "French Food"

Speaking of the boardwalk, Tom was hoping for French fries when Chef Paul said that a "French food" show was in store. Imagine Tom’s surprise when Chef Paul came back from the store with the ingredients for Coq au Vin. With this wonderful, classic chicken dish, Tom didn’t even need the vinegar he bought for the French fries.

# 209 "Loads of Lasagna"

Chef Paul again proves why he’s the chef and Tom is not, by creating a unique and tasty lasagna dish: Sausage, Mushroom & Spinach Lasagna. Why sausage, mushrooms and spinach? Because Chef Paul likes those ingredients! Tom is considering becoming a chef so the show can feature one of his favorite foods: peanut butter crackers.

# 210 "Sweet Sensation"

Chef Paul promises a smooth and creamy Bourbon Pecan Sweet Potato Pie – even with nuts. (He makes the pledge before "taste-testing" the bourbon.) Tom confirms that Chef Paul lives up to his promise only after consuming the unforgettable bourbon-influenced dessert. Draw your own conclusions.

# 211 "Super Soup"

Chef Paul threatens to "can" Tom if he brings his favorite canned tomato soup to the show. So he doesn’t have to live off canned soup, Tom heeds Chef Paul’s command to learn to make sumptuous, simmering Roasted Vegetable Soup. Tom simmers down after the show by going home to his can opener.

# 212 "Keg of Beef"

It’s like Christmas Eve for Chef Paul since the featured dish, Braised Beef with Beer, Onions & Château Potatoes, consists of some of his favorite all-time ingredients. It’s like a frosty night for Tom since his wife is a vegetarian who has adopted a cow named Opie. It’s like Thanksgiving for viewers who are treated to a wonderful feast.

# 214 "Tantalizing Tart"

ith a recipe called Chocolate Truffle Tart with Toasted Macadamia Nuts, it’s easy to understand how Chef Paul tantalizes friends and enemies alike with his special dessert. The dish is so good that Tom doesn’t even have to utilize his secret stash of chocolate bars during the show’s breaks.