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Season Three

# 303 "Live Lobster"

Chef Paul performs the dastardly deed of "preparing" (Tom considers it "murdering") a live lobster for supper. No, Chef Paul doesn't boil the lobster. Instead, all we can say is that a big knife is utilized. Fortunately, Tom utilizes the kitchen counter to remain upright throughout the episode. By the end of the episode, no lobsters are upright as Chef Paul produces: Roasted Fresh Maine Lobster and Contemporary Cold Water Lobster Thermidor. Shame on him!

# 304 "Veggie Lovers' Lasagna"

A week after cooking a live lobster, Chef Paul develops morals and becomes a plant man. The meat-loving chef shocks Tom by whipping up his own extremely tasty Vegetarian Lasagna recipe. A skeptical Tom discovers that Chef Paul's allegiance to vegetarianism is short-lived when he sees the chef devouring a burger a few minutes after the show.

# 305 "Terrific Tart"

Even though Tom challenges Chef Paul to supersede his favorite dessert, Neapolitan ice cream, Chef Paul manages to keep his cool as he makes a magnificent White & Bittersweet Chocolate Raspberry Tart. Tom is so impressed with the finished result that he forgets about Neapolitan ice cream and decides to form a "tart club

# 306 "Seafood Sensation"

When he goes to a seafood restaurant, Tom usually orders chicken. Since the average American consumes about 15 pounds of seafood a year, Chef Paul ignores Tom's plea for poultry and forces Tom to experience Shellfish & Seafood Stew and Gamberetti à la Crèma. Like a man, Tom pretends to try and like the two seafood dishes.

# 307 "Soups of the Day"

Worried that Chef Paul could resurrect childhood trauma by making kidney stew, Tom considers boycotting the episode. After Chef Paul explains that he is making stew with beans shaped like kidneys (not actual kidneys like Tom's father uses in his kidney stew), Tom agrees to assist Chef Paul. In fact, Chef Paul manages to please Tom's picky palate with Kidney Bean, Black-Eyed Pea & Turtle Bean Stew and Chilled Cantaloupe & Raspberry Soup.

# 309 "Sea Snacks"

Chef Paul promises Tom that his sea snacks will blow one of Tom’s ideal snacks (crackers and cheese) out of the water. To the surprise of no one, Chef Paul fulfills his promise by making Crabmeat Stuffed Mushrooms and Sweet Chili Shrimp on Cucumber "Tagliatelle". Tom contributes by suggesting that the crabmeat should be spread on crackers.

# 310 "Derby Dinner"

Despite the presence of squid, Chef Paul guarantees two winning Kentucky Derby recipes: Derby Prime Rib Roast and Derby 2000 Seafood Salad, Mediterranean Style. Since Chef Paul and Penn College School of Hospitality students cooked the dishes for thousands of satisfied spectators at the Derby, Chef Paul had an "inside tip" that the recipes would be winners. As for Tom, he’s still waiting for Chef Paul to invite him to the Derby!

# 311 "Chocolate Fantasy"

Chef Paul satisfies everyone with a sweet tooth by making Le Jeune Chef Chocolate Soup. But enthusiasm for the dish is somewhat tempered when Chef Paul reveals the dessert’s slang name: "heart attack on a plate." Tom, though, saves the day by mentioning that the word "chocolate" is derived from an Aztec term that means "bitter water." These two guys sure know how to "sell" their dishes!

# 312 "Beef & Chicken Special"

Due to his allegiance to an adopted cow named Opie, Tom only tries the chicken part of Chef Paul’s special. Due to his allegiance to his taste buds, Chef Paul devours both: Braised Chuck Steak with Herbs & Root Vegetables and Herb & Garlic Roasted Chicken. Due to the popularity of beef and chicken and the inexpensive ingredients featured in the dishes, everyone else will follow Chef Paul’s example!

# 313 "Meatless Meal"

After being labeled the "fungus freak" by Tom, nobody would have blamed Chef Paul for trying to slip his unsuspecting co-host one of the world’s 200 or so poisonous mushrooms. Instead, Chef Paul takes the high road and shows Tom the right way to make a Sautéed Portobello Mushroom Sandwich with Hummus & Tabouli Salad. Shockingly, when Tom tried the dish on his own at home, he messed it up.

# 314 "Classy Chicken"

Instead of experiencing chicken with a value meal, Tom discovers the real value is making your own chicken dish. Or in his case, having Chef Paul make it for him. Fortunately, Chef Paul makes the process so easy that anyone, Tom included, can prepare the dish: Sautéed Chicken Breasts with Marsala, Vegetables & Penne Pasta. Even Tom is forced to admit that the dish is better than meal #3 at his favorite fast food restaurant.